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NAFTA & Economic Migrants

With Trump’s erratic statements and policymaking continuing to gather steam, it is worth keeping in mind the assumed and actual relationship between the North American Free Trade Agreement and rates of economic migrants (or “illegal aliens”, as he would prefer to deem them) to the

The Cracking Brazilian Mirror

Over 140 killed. Gangs taking over the prisons. Images of shirtless black and brown bodies patrolling rooftops. A temporary wall to separate one faction from another. Through a stream of riots in the first weeks of 2017, Brazilians prisons have conquered the (national and international)

Our Vision

Carceral Complex aims to gather writings and foster debates on surveillance and detention in their varied forms. We are a site for those left and further left of center to hash out paths to decarcerate the United States. Many pieces, we hope, will directly address

Ceilings, Not Floors, in Sentencing

An article by Eric Tirschwell published in the New York Law Journal outlines the fears of criminal justice reformers as we move into the Trump/Sessions regime. Tirschwell, a former federal prosecutor who served for seven years, including a stint as chair on the United States

Undaring Nonviolent Commutations

President Barack Obama has issued pardons and commutations on 9 occasions during his presidency. His first motions of forgiveness came in December 3, 2010. Between that date and the end of 2015, the president issued 70 pardons and commutations. In 2016, he issued 78 further