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Commentary on “President Obama’s Criminal Justice Legacy: What Went Wrong”

This commentary is inspired by Dustin Palmer’s piece “President Obama’s Criminal Justice Legacy: What Went Wrong”, which can be accessed at: In the last days of his presidency, Barack Obama published a lengthy article in the Harvard Law Review (HLR). The publication’s former head

President Obama’s Criminal Justice Legacy: What Went Wrong

Last month, President Obama published a commentary in the Harvard Law Review (HLR) titled “The President’s Role in Advancing Criminal Justice.”1 Noting that American presidents “can exert substantial influence over the criminal justice system,” he highlighted reform efforts from the last eight years, including: encouraging

Privatized Prison Services: Food

Much ink was spilled in the days after the election over how the stocks of the two largest private prison companies, GEO Group Inc. and Corrections Corp, jumped in the wake of Trump’s victory. High hopes for the companies’ bottom lines rest primarily on the

Double Punishment: Deportation After Incarceration

In 2013, over 73,000 individuals in US state or federal prisons were not US citizens. That figure represented roughly 5% percent of those institutions’ population at the time. Many, if not most, of those individuals face deportation upon completing their sentence. I first became aware